Located in Liujiaqiao Abbey, Jiangyan Tea Culture Exhibition Center sets many exhibition halls such as The Source of Tea, Tea Merchants from Huizhou in Jiangyan, The Original Processing Technology of Huizhou Tea, Tea House and Tea Shop which present the development histories of tea, tea art, tea science and tea merchants from Anhui in Jiangyan respectively. There are precious historical pictures and accompanying essays, as well as real objects for displaying original tea processing technology.


Tea Merchants from Anhui in Jiangyan

Hu Yunqing, who was born in Jixi, Anhui, engaged in the tea industry in Jiangyan and the surrounding areas since Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty. After four generations of inheritance for over one hundred years, the Hu family established Hu Yutai Tea House, Hu Zhentai House, Hu Yuantai House, Yutaihe Tea House, etc. Together with Hongyi Taihe, Fangheda and Southern Anhui Tea Firm, these tea houses made great contributions to the economic and social development of Jiangyan.

Under the deep influence of the moral thought in Confucianism, merchants from Anhui advocated "making profits by justice". Hu Yuantai's tea house made many donations to dredge river channels, build funeral homes and set up cemeteries to bury those unclaimed bones. That is to say, Anhui merchants would benefit the local area where they did business.

Tea House and Tea Brand

Yangzhou Lvyangchun Tea House is a time-honored Chinese brand that is famous from north to south for "clear soup, heady scent, aromatic flavor and endless aftertaste".

Adhering to the spirit of Yangzhou and Huizhou merchants, Old Huiming Tea House is seeking to become stronger, in which many valuable historical materials are housed.

Anhui Qitai Tea House sets up tea products exhibition, people's tea house, upscale teahouse and so on, integrating tea sales, tea-tasting and simple meals into one.

Lvyi Tea House mainly offers green tea which is very popular among consumers at home and abroad for its fragrant flavor, mellow taste, beautiful appearance, resistance to brewing, etc.