The north part of Taizhou Jiangyan Guluotang Tourism Cultural Scenic Area sets up a commercial and leisure area surrounded by antique building clusters among which Chinese classical architectural elements such as sprawling streets and abbeys, courtyards, verandas and waterscape engineering are merged with modern commercial elements. The cultural tourist area in the south is renovated in line with the principle of "restoring the old as the old to preserve its original genuineness" and pays special attention to excavate historic and cultural connotations from many famous places in Central Jiangsu like Wang's Ancestral Hall, Huang Longshi's Memorial Hall, Qianlong Warehouse, etc. Furthermore, Tea Culture Exhibition Center, Cao Jun Art Gallery, Jiangyan Painting and Calligraphy Center send forth strong flavor of the local culture. Tea house, tea trading firms, time-honored brands of antiques and calligraphies and paintings, and unadorned and plain residential buildings in the style of Central Jiangsu can be found everywhere. Celebrity culture, Go culture, calligraphy and painting culture, ancient dwelling culture, tea culture and business culture yield brilliant results.

Now Jiangyan Guluotang Tourism Cultural Scenic Area has been a new tourism landmark and a garden of different kinds of cultural industries. Li Chaoyuan, member of the Political Bureau and vice-chairman of the People's Republic of China, paid a visit to this area and fully affirmed its development orientation on January 27, 2012. He instructed that Jiangyan Guluotang Tourism Cultural Scenic Area should be created as a demonstration plot combining characteristic features of the time and primitive simplicity. Later on March 15, 2014, Li Xueyong, governor of Jiangsu Province, voiced confidence of maintaining the orignial development strategy and placed high expectation on it.

The ecological ground parking lot in Jiangyan Guluotang Tourism Cultural Scenic Area can hold over 10 tourist buses to meet the demands of tour groups from other places, while the underground parking lot has nearly 200 spots for all kinds of middle and small cars under the 24 hour surveillance of a tight security system. As this Scenic Area begins to integrate with the grand tourism structure of Central Jiangsu, together with Qing Lake Scenic Area and Qingtong Ancient Town, it receives about 510,000 visitors annually from Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong and other provinces and cities. Many well-known enterprises such as Starbucks, Pizza Hut and 85cafe at home and abroad have been attracted to enter this area and run in good condition, with an opening rate of 100%. Among the building group permeated with the charms of antique oriental art, people can enjoy delicious food and leisure time. The fusion of Chinese and western culinary cultures has become a new feature. Around the Tea Culture Exhibition Center in the Cultural Tourism Area, fragrant tea keeps wafting from some time-honored brands like Yangzhou Lvyangchun Tea House, Old Huiming Tea House, Anhui Qitai Tea House, Lvyi Tea House and so on. A bewildering variety of local specialties such as Duan Crabs from Qinhu, Heheng Buffalo Meat and Huangqiao Sesame Cake gather in the street of high-quality famous products.